5 Tips for Connecting with Recruiters on LinkedIn

connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a key platform for most professionals looking for jobs.

It’s also a great space to network.

When it comes to connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn - or hiring managers - or really, anyone - there are a few tips that can make you stand out in a positive way. 

1 - Introduce yourself

Keep it short and clear.

Are you a data analyst (or aspiring analyst) looking for a new position? 

Try this -

"Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a data analyst."

You could also add where you’re from if that’s connected in any way to the individual (or role).

2 - Give them a why

Why should they connect with you? 

This could be as simple as

“I’m looking to grow my network and see we’re working in similar spaces”. 

If you have a mutual connection, here’s a spot you could mention it. 

If the company is doing work in an area you find interesting, mention this.

Here's what I wouldn’t recommend saying: I just applied for a job at your company and wanted to know when I’d hear something.

This is something you can bring up later, but it’s not a great way to start out. The exception would be if that individual has publicly posted about connecting with them if you’re interested in a particular role.

3 - Keep it short.

The person you’re connecting with doesn’t need to know your life story or your entire career journey.

You’re not writing an essay or a sales pitch.

There’s plenty of time to interact more later on.

4 - Don’t ask for an interview or a call.

Think about what the person you’re connecting with is likely experiencing.

Recruiters and managers are often getting pitches several times per week if not per day on LinkedIn.

This gets really old, really fast.

Instead, be prepared for when that person looks at your profile.

5 - Have an up to date LinkedIn profile. 

It’s very likely that the person you’re connecting with will go check out your profile.

Make sure it’s ready for them to see it.

Here’s the place to lay out your skills, experience, and education that would make them want to know more about you for their position.

Bonus -Apply for the job!

If you’re connecting with someone because you’re interested in a job they have, still apply for the job! 

Any mid to large size business already has their own hiring process. 

Get yourself in their systems and officially in the process.