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4 Reasons to Learn SAS for Analytics

4 Reasons to Learn SAS for AnalyticsPython, R, and SQL get most of the attention when it comes to languages a data analyst or data scientist should learn. But it would be a mistake to count out SAS – long a player and leader in analytics solutions. Let’s look at 4 reasons to learn SAS for […]

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How to Learn Tableau

How to Learn Tableau in 2021There are multiple different ways you can learn tableau, but which is the best?The answer might depend on your priorities.Let’s look at how to learn tableau for free and why spending a little bit of money may actually make it much easier.Note: Some links may be affiliate links. Article ContentsOption […]

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Can a Data Analyst Become a Business Analyst?

Can a Data Analyst Become a Business Analyst?Can a data analyst become a business analyst?Short answer – yes. Let’s look at why  and HOW a data analyst can become a business analyst and how someone can make this transition. We’ll look at training, skills, and how to take this data to business analyst career path.Can a […]

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Dataquest vs DataCamp [2021]

Dataquest vs DataCamp 2021I’ve previously done extensive reviews on both DataCamp and Dataquest, but I still often get asked which I’d recommend.Let’s look at how they compare and which one might be best for you. For more in-depth reviews of these platforms, check out my full DataCamp Review and Dataquest Review when you’re finished with this […]

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How I Learned Data Analytics

How I Learned Data AnalyticsI’ve worked in analytics for 15 years now in a variety of different positions.Now I run my own consulting company in addition to teaching people about analytics skills and careers. Today I’m sharing how I learned data analytics. Article ContentsCollegePicking a Career PathData Analytics ToolsLearning New Analytics Skills Expanding My Skillset Looking for OpportunitiesOn-going […]

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3 Key Programming Skills for Data Analysts

3 Key Programming Skills for Data AnalystsMost data analysts have programming skills in at least one language while others choose to go a non-coding route and learn tools like Tableau or Power BI exclusively (although even these become more powerful when you know how to code). While I’m focusing on programming skills for data analysts, these […]

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