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What are your weaknesses?

“I’m an overachiever” “I struggle with perfectionism.” Have you ever said either of these things during a job interview? Chances are, you were answering “what are your weaknesses?” and you weren’t doing the greatest job. At some point in any job interview, you’re probably expecting to be asked “What is your greatest weakness?” or some […]

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Video Interview Tips (featuring Zoom) (Video)

Live video interviews are becoming increasingly common, especially for candidates who are applying from a more remote location. They give employers an idea of how you interact and add a more human element to the interview.  These interviews could take place over Skype, Zoom or a platform where you record your responses to questions.  This video covers […]

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Why Should We Hire You For This Position – 5 Tips

Your entire interview boils down to one interview question – why should we hire you?   You might be asked this directly in your interview, but even if you aren’t, you should think about it and incorporate your response throughout the interview.   The interview should end with the interviewer knowing exactly why you’re the right fit for the […]

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Tell Me About Your Technical Background (Video)

If you’re interviewing for a technical job – whether it’s in analytics, engineering, software development or something else – be prepared to talk about your technical background.  Interviewers are looking for you to engage, talk to them in business language, and articulate what you’ve accomplished beyond your technical skills in resume format. This question is pretty […]

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Questions to Ask in an Interview (Video)

Asking great questions in a job interview can lead you to a great job offer.   This week’s YouTube video covers sample questions you can ask your job interviewer. Jen gives example questions and explains why they are great questions to ask. She also teaches you how to create great questions of your own. Subscribe to our […]

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