If there's one topic that dominates the current business environment it's data.

Companies are battling to get ahead of their data - to provide better products and services, to create higher profit margins, and to remain relevant. From automation and AI to tailored marketing, data is being used everywhere.

Whether you're already in a career or looking to build one, The Career Force is here to help with your data-related skills (regardless of your job) or your analytics career.


I'm Jen Hood, founder of The Career Force. 

Working in a large multi-national corporation, my career has spanned many roles from data analyst to managing predictive analytics to becoming the youngest director in the company.

I have over 15 years of analytics experience working both with small, local businesses and large MNCs. 

I like knowing the "rules". I've always been driven to understand how and why things work.

Analytics creates the structure to make educated decisions that yield efficient and beneficial practical applications.

Improve Your Analytics Skills - Improve Your Career

I want to help you learn about analytics, transform your career, and help your business grow.

The Career Force uses a blend of data driven advice, coupled with real world experience and tips to help you achieve your goals.

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Have questions or want to work with me? 

Email me at info@thecareerforce.com

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