Coronavirus Analysis - Data Prep for Tableau

This tutorial covers how to prep data for Tableau. 

Specifically, this case study is coronavirus data as of March 19, 2020. 

While the data continues to build, the available information at that point in time creates  a great opportunity to explore data cleaning and dashboard development. 

Coronavirus Data Source

This training uses data compiled by John Hopkins University. The current datasets can be found at this link: COVID-19 data.

Their main message focuses on building data science skills so while that certainly includes knowledge of a programming language, they aren’t targeting people that are looking at programming without a data science flavor to it.

Since this tutorial was published, data is no longer available with county / city level information as shown in the tutorial. I've compiled the files I used for the original analysis and am making it available to anyone who signs up for my email list (~2 emails / month).

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