How to Prepare for a Live Video Interview

Live video interviews are becoming increasingly common, especially for candidates who are applying from a more remote location. They give employers an idea of how you interact and add a more human element to the interview.


Since the person interviewing you can see you and your body language during a video interview, it’s important to prepare differently than for a phone interview.


We’ll walk you through how to prepare for a video interview. 

How to Prepare

A live video interview is a hybrid between a phone and in person interview.

Some people find them to be easier than phone interviews because you can look at your interviewer and your body language may help convey your points. However, some people find them more difficult because of this same reason.

Prepare as if you are interviewing in person

To prepare for a video interview, start by preparing the same way that you would prepare for an in person interview.

Cover the following items during your preparation:

Start by preparing the same way that you would prepare for an in person interview


  • Research the company
  • Prepare to give explanations on your resume
  • Prepare to justify how and why you can meet the qualifications listed in the job description
  • Anticipate and prepare for common interview questions
  • Prepare questions you can ask your interviewer

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Consider your location

If possible, avoid interviewing in public locations such as a coffee shop or library.


Choose a professional looking location in your home. Make sure the area is clean and private.


Prepare in advance to make sure your space will be free of noise and distractions from spouse, children, pets.


Check your setup/technology

Check your microphone, webcam, and wifi in advance.

Make sure your camera and microphone are clear. Test your tech setup to ensure your camera is at eye level in a well-lit area.

Make sure all your technology works flawlessly ahead of time.

Consider the time of day, natural and artificial light, and the quality of your camera. Ideally, test this a few days in advance at the exact time of day your interview will be held.

Dress for your interview

Dress for your interview as if you are interviewing in person.

It might be tempting to wear sweatpants, but to be safe, you should dress as if your whole body will be seen even though likely on the top half of you will be on camera.

Maintain Composure

Most people are new to video interviews and find them to be uncomfortable.

It is important that you maintain your composure throughout the entire interview, even if something goes wrong.

Maintain your composure throughout the entire interview, even if something goes wrong.


The person interviewing you may learn as much about you from how you react to a problem as they do during the rest of your interview.

How can you improve your preparation for your next video interview?