What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Your Job

At some point in your career, you will find that you’ve mastered your role. While some people are content to stay in the same job, you might find that you need a challenge in order to stay engaged at work.

In this article you’ll learn what to do when you’ve outgrown your current job. 

Create a challenge at work

Perhaps the simplest way to respond to outgrowing a role is to create a new challenge for yourself. Are there special projects or activities you can volunteer to take on? Look for these opportunities and talk with your boss to identify ways you can keep increasing your skill set at work.

Build skills outside of work

Spend time improving your skills outside of work. When you start interviewing for new jobs, you can expect to be asked how you keep your skills current. While it’s good to do things on the job, most interviewers also want to hear how you’ve taken initiative to control your own development. Whether it’s taking classes, reading, or engaging with others in your industry, there are many ways you can build skills on your own.

Consider changing jobs

If you’ve tried our first two suggestions and you still feel bored and disengaged at work, it’s time to consider changing jobs. If you are disengaged at work, your performance will eventually suffer. It is also easy to become negative at work which can affect your entire team.

Finding another job doesn’t have to be difficult with the right support. Updating your resume is the perfect first step. Start with our article about resume formats.