Analytics Resume Workshop

Set yourself apart with a custom, data-driven analytics resume.

You're building a career as a data analyst or business analyst. Shouldn't your resume also leverage the power of data?

This hands-on resume workshop helps you build a resume as driven by analytics as you are.

I'll guide you through building a resume for a real analytics job. Don't just get the theory of building a hypothetical resume - apply it to actual analytics jobs.

Learn from an analytics hiring manager

I've reviewed thousands of analyst resumes in my 10+ years as a hiring manager. The ones that stand out share several key features.

And the resumes that get rejected by the applicant tracking systems or hiring managers - they also share common traits.

This workshops helps you build an effective resume that sells your skills and impresses both the software pre-screening it and the people that see it afterwards.

75 minutes of hands-on resume building

downloadable templates & guides

Workshop available on-demand

Analytics Resume Workshop

Here's what we'll cover in the workshop.


Understanding Analytics Jobs

Before we can talk about a great resume, we need to talk about job descriptions. We'll work through picking out the key information you should include on your resume. 

Have specific jobs you want to apply for? Have them with you during the workshop and follow along to identify the key skills for the roles.


Resume Structure

Now that we've looked at what's important on the job description, we'll talk about the ideal structure your resume should have. I'll cover specific considerations like changing careers and building a resume when you have limited experience.

This includes a resume template for you to customize to your experience and skills.


Building a Great Resume

This hands-on part of the workshop walks you through how to build a great analytics resume. 

We'll move through each portion of the resume structure, allowing time to apply it to your own resume. This includes how to write effective work experience, highlight your education and training, and a variety of other topics you should have on your resume.


Tips for an Effective Job Search

Now that you have a resume, it's time to put it to work. 

I'll show you how to make your resume even more effective and increase the number of interviews you land.


Bonus! Leveraging LinkedIn

Learn how to take your resume and make it into a great LinkedIn profile.

Get started now!

Meet Jen

Jen has been an analytics hiring manager for over 10 years and has seen thousands of analytics resumes - some amazing and some not so great. She uses this inside experience to help you build an effective analytics resume. 

Jen currently runs an analytics consulting firm which provides data analytics, data science, and business analytics to companies of all sizes. 

In this resume workshop, Jen brings you step-by-step guidance for building an effective analytics resume.

This workshop does not include individual resume feedback or review. All content is pre-recorded.