How to Become a Business Analyst

Edition 2 - Updated for 2022

How to Become a Business Analyst

Ready to explore a career in business analytics?

Deciding you want to be a business analyst is one thing. Figuring out how to make it happen - that's a whole different challenge. 

Business analysts come from all sorts of backgrounds. There's not one single way to get into business analytics. 

This book brings you insights from 15 years of experience in analytics - both as an analyst and managing and hiring analysts. 

You'll focus on the skills you absolutely need to get a job (and where to learn them inexpensively). Equally as important - you'll have a clear picture of which skills you can you wait to learn until after you're in the job.

Switching careers can be challenging.
Get help from an expert.
How to Become a Business Analyst

What's in the Book:

  • What It’s Like to be a Business Analyst
    • Day to Day Work
    • Common Analytic Focus Areas
  • Key Skills for Business Analysts
    • Problem Solving
    • Visualization
    • Information Management
    • Communication
    • Niche Skills
  • Business Analyst Career Paths
    • Business Analyst Specialist Track
    • Subject Matter Expert Track
    • Management Track
    • Lateral Track
  • Find the Right Business Analyst Role
    • Job Titles to Consider
    • What to Look for on a Job Description
  • Build Experience
    • Internships
    • Volunteering
    • Other Options
  • Launch a Business Analyst Career
    • Self-Assessment
    • Development Planning
  • Additional Resources

Topics Include:

Should I become a business analyst?

Do you wonder what the day to day work of a business analyst actually involves?
Find out about the typical work and the types of analytics most commonly performed.

What are the main business analyst skills?

Business analysts need skills in a variety of areas from visualization to problem solving.
This section covers in detail which skills you need be a business analyst and highlights resources for building these key business analyst skills.

What business analyst career paths are there?

There isn't one single career path that a business analyst will take.
Learn about the main career path options and how to get on each path.
Find out which career path might be right for you based on the skills required. 

Which business analyst jobs should I apply for?

Business analyst is a widely used job title so it can mean a variety of different things to different employers.
Learn how to spot the differences based on job descriptions so you can pick out the right business analyst role for you.

How do I get business analyst experience?

Building experience lets you put all your skills into practice and demonstrate that you know how to use them in real business scenarios.
This section reviews multiple options for building your skills and connecting with other analysts. 

How do I create a plan to become a business analyst?

Make a plan for launching your career in analytics.
Decide on your target job, make note of the skills required, and perform a self-assessment.
Then it's time to build a plan to get the job you want.

About the Author

Jen Hood - Analytics Expert
Jen Hood
You've probably heard a lot of generic advice about how to build a career. Sometimes it's even great advice - but it probably isn't very easy for you to take action on.

What if you could learn from someone who has built a massively successful analytics career of her own and helped others do the same?

That's exactly what you get in this guide. I have 15+ years of experience in analytics - both as an analyst and as a hiring manager - and I want to help you launch your career.

This guide can be a significant aid in building a business analyst career. Purchasing this guide does not - and cannot - guarantee you will get a job in analytics or the level of salary you may receive.