How to Become a Data Analyst

Your guide to the skills you need, how to build them, and how to launch your new career as a data analyst

Ready to explore a career in data analytics?

You're interested in a data analytics career. But where do you start? 

There's a lot of noise.

Based on what you've read about analytics, it sounds like you need to be an expert in multiple programming languages, fluent in machine learning, able to write algorithms like they're your first language, and perform predictive analysis with infallible accuracy.

You don't need to know it all.

I'll bring you my insights from 15 years of working in analytics as both an analyst and a hiring manager. 

This data analyst book shows you the skills you absolutely need to get a job (and where to learn them inexpensively). It will also show you which skills you can you wait to learn until after you're in the job.

Topics include

Should I become a data analyst?

Do you wonder what the day to day work of a data analyst actually involves? Find out about the typical work and the types of analytics most commonly performed.

What are the main data analyst skills?

Data analysts need skills in a variety of areas from math to problem solving. This section covers in detail which skills you need be a data analyst and highlights resources for building these key data analyst skills.

What data analyst career paths are there?

There isn't one single career path that a data analyst will take. Learn about the main career path options and how to get on each path. Find out which career path might be right for you based on the skills required. 

Which data analyst jobs should I apply for?

Data analyst is a widely used job title so it can mean a variety of different things to different employers. Learn how to spot the differences based on job descriptions so you can pick out the right data analyst role for you.

How do I get data analyst experience?

Building experience lets you put all your skills into practice and demonstrate that you know how to use them in real business scenarios. This section reviews multiple options for building your skills and connecting with other analysts. 

How do I create a plan to become a data analyst?

Make a plan for launching your career in analytics. Decide on your target job, make note of the skills required, and perform a self-assessment. Then it's time to build a plan to get the job you want.

How to Become a Data Analyst 

This eBook focuses on:

Key Skills



Learn which skills you need, how to get them, and how to navigate into a career as a data analyst.


Hi, I'm Jen

I've helped thousands of people build careers in analytics and I'm excited to help you find your own path!

My 15+ year career in analytics has spanned many roles from analyst to managing analytics teams. From my start as a data analyst, I moved on to data science and business analytics roles including hiring and managing these types of teams. 

Companies of all sizes benefit from analytics. Throughout my career, I've worked with companies of all sizes - from 2 employees to 100k+ multi-national corporations - to implement effective analytics solutions.

Now I know what direction to take

"Over the past few months I had been looking for a clear path towards progressing into a Data Analyst. However, the information out there is anecdotal or fragmented and I felt I needed guidance from an expert. Now I know what direction to take and I’m following through on what has been suggested."

Table of Contents

What It's Like to be an Analyst

Day to Day Work, Common Analytic Focus Areas

Key Skills for Data Analysts (with learning resources!)

Math, Programming, Problem Solving, Data Visualization, Communication

Data Analyst Career Paths

Data Analyst Specialist Track, Subject Matter Expert Track, Management Track, Lateral Track

Find the Right Data Analyst Role

Job Titles to Consider, What to Look for on a Job Description

Build Experience

Internships, Volunteering, Other Options

Launch a Data Analyst Career

Self-Assessment, Development Planning

Additional Resources


Learn how to become a data analyst now!