How to Become a Data Analyst

Build the skills

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How to Become a Data Analyst eBook: $29
How to Become a Data Analyst

"I love your ‘Become a Data Analyst’ book.

I purchased and read it twice already!"

You're interested in a data analytics career.

Where do you start? 

Based on what you've read about analytics, it sounds like you need to be an expert in multiple programming languages, fluent in machine learning, able to write algorithms like they're your first language, and perform predictive analysis with infallible accuracy.

What's the reality though? 

I'll bring you my insights from 15 years of working in analytics as both an analyst and a hiring manager. 

This ebook shows you the skills you absolutely need to get a job (and where to learn them inexpensively). It will also show you which skills you can you wait to learn until after you're in the job.

Switching careers can be challenging.
Get help from an expert.
How to Become a Data Analyst

What's in the Book:

  • What It’s Like to be an Analyst
    • Day to Day Work
    • Common Analytic Focus Areas
  • Key Skills for Data Analysts
    • Math
    • Programming
    • Problem Solving
    • Data Visualization
    • Communication
  • Data Analyst Career Paths
    • Data Analyst Specialist Track
    • Subject Matter Expert Track
    • Management Track
    • Lateral Track
  • Find the Right Data Analyst Role
    • Job Titles to Consider
    • What to Look for on a Job Description
  • Build Experience
    • Internships
    • Volunteering
    • Other Options
  • Launch a Data Analyst Career
    • Self-Assessment
    • Development Planning
  • Additional Resources

Answers to Top Data Analyst Career Questions

Is a data analyst career right for me?

Which data analyst skills do I need?

What are my data analyst career path options?

Which data analyst jobs should I apply for?

How do I get analytics experience?

How do I put it all together?

Reviews of "How to Become a Data Analyst"

“Over the past few months I had been looking for a clear path towards progressing into a Data Analyst.

However, the information out there is anecdotal or fragmented and I felt I needed guidance from an expert, in this case a hiring manager, especially being someone who needs “all the facts” before making a decision.

I have been watching Jen Hood’s videos for a couple of months now and found the content to be invaluable and better than other YouTubers on the same topic.

I was so glad to find out she had released a book going into even more depth.

I don’t regret picking up the book and now I know what direction to take I’m following through on what has been suggested.”

- Beresford -

About the Author

Jen Hood - Analytics Expert
Jen Hood
You've probably heard a lot of generic advice about how to build a career. Sometimes it's even great advice - but it probably isn't very easy for you to take action on.

What if you could learn from someone who has built a massively successful data analyst career of her own and helped others do the same?

That's exactly what you get in this guide. I have 15+ years of experience in analytics - both as an analyst and as a hiring manager - and I want to help you launch your career.
How to Become a Data Analyst eBook: $29

This guide can be a significant aid in building a data analyst career. Purchasing this guide does not - and cannot - guarantee you will get a job in analytics or the level of salary you may receive.

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