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How to Become a Data Analyst

Your roadmap to finding the right data analytics job for you and building the skills to get it

AN in depth guide to launching your career for only $29

What's In the Guide

Navigate every aspect of a data analyst career.


What It's Like to be a Data Analyst

Do you wonder what the day to day work of a data analyst actually involves? Find out about the typical work and the types of analytics most commonly performed.

Find the Right Data Analyst Role

Data analyst is a widely used job title so it can mean a variety of different things to different employers. Learn how to spot the differences based on job descriptions so you can pick out the right data analyst role for you.

Key Skills for Data Analysts

Data analysts need skills in a variety of areas from math to problem solving. This section covers in detail which skills you need  be a data analyst and highlights resources for building these key data analyst skills.

Build Experience

Building experience lets you put all your skills into practice and demonstrate that you know how to use them in real business scenarios. This section reviews multiple options for building your skills and connecting with other analysts.

Data Analyst Career Paths

There isn't one single career path that a data analyst will take. Learn about the main career path options and how to get on each path. Find out which career path might be right for you based on the skills required.

Launch a Data Analyst Career

Make a plan for launching your career in analytics. Decide on your target job, make note of the skills required, and perform a self-assessment. Then it's time to build a plan to get the job you want.

Are you ready to become a data analyst?

This guide takes you through the exact steps you need to become a data analyst. 

Get actionable insights and advice that you can start on today.

Learn from an Expert

You've probably heard a lot of generic advice about how to build a career. Sometimes it's even great advice - but it probably isn't very easy for you to take action on.

What if you could learn from someone who has built a massively successful data analyst career of her own and helped others do the same?

That's exactly what you get in this guide. Jen has 15+ years of experience in analytics and she wants to help you launch your career.

Prioritize Your Data Analyst Career

46 minutes.

That's how long it will take this guide to pay for itself once you land your first data analyst job. With most entry level data analyst jobs starting at $75,000 or higher, your career can't start soon enough.

This guide can be a significant aid in building a data analyst career. Purchasing this guide does not - and cannot - guarantee you will get a job in analytics or the level of salary you may receive.

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